Can you keep a secret?

Actually, it doesn’t really matter because everybody should know the secret to fitness, good health and happiness, it would make the world a lot better place if they did. The secret is that you can only rely on yourself to reach these goals.

You see, the exercise and diet industry here in the United States is a billion-dollar affair that has everybody searching for the easy and quick way to lose weight and get happy. The problem is that you can’t merely buy your way to fitness, good health and happiness, you must achieve it on your own and you must understand that it does not just happen overnight.

Here is something to think about; you will not achieve a goal of fitness, health and happiness just sitting there. The answers aren’t on your computer and Facebook isn’t going to help your cause. There is, however, an app that will help you through your fitness routine from Mr. Motivational.

The road to fitness, health and happiness is a long journey, so be prepared to stay on top of it for the duration.

Talk with Your Doctor and Others

Before you start to change any of your life habits, it’s a good idea to consult with your doctor. Your doctor will listen to what you have to say and will give you a baseline of your physical abilities. Of course, this is more important the older you are. After all, you don’t want to start a fitness routine only to have a setback because you hurt yourself.

You will also want to have a talk with your significant other, family and friends about your upcoming journey. After all, they will be a big part of the level of success you will have.

Let them know that you are investing in your future and you plan on following through to the end and you appreciate their love and support.

Also, it is much easier to be fit, healthy and happy when someone you care about is committed to helping you.

You Need Help

Like we stated earlier, you aren’t going to get fit, healthy and happy through a fad diet or by working out 5 minutes a day three times a week. And you need help staying focused and doing the right exercises.

That is what personal fitness trainers are for, helping you achieve your goals. You want advanced physical training from fitness experts who know what they are doing.

Lose the Scale

When you are getting fit, your worst enemy is the bathroom scale. Because of the fact that even the most expensive scales are not accurate, the numbers it gives you are misleading and could undermine even your heartfelt efforts.

The other reason you don’t want to be constantly checking the scale is that you are losing fat and gaining muscle, so it is possible to gain a little weight as muscle mass weighs more than fat.

There is a better way to measure your progress. The best measurement of fitness, health and happiness is how you feel from week to week. If you find you have more energy, sleep better at night and smile more, then you are well on your way to success.

But if you need a tangible measurement of your results, just take a look at your shrinking belly, toned up body and arms that turn heads.

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