Your personal trainer in Fayetteville gives you plenty of motivation when you are doing a workout with them. But this motivation is a lot tougher to come by when you are trying to workout at home. You start off with high hopes, but they are dashed as you find any excuse not to go through with your workout. You have good intentions but poor follow-through.

If you are looking for inspiration, we have a few ways to help make you more motivated to workout at home.

The Buddy System

Instead of depending on yourself to do workouts, schedule them with a friend. A workout buddy should be somebody who you have made a connection with who shares the same goals as you. You and your buddy won’t want to let each other down and this works as a great way to stay motivated.

Think No Clothes

The idea that somebody will see you naked sounds kind of silly, but it will happen and it will motivate you to workout. Try on your bathing suit or bikini when it’s time to workout, if you don’t like what you see, you will probably double your reps.

Songs Make You Dance

Find the songs that you sing along with or the songs that make you snap your fingers and shuffle your shoulders while you are driving and make a mix that you can workout to. Chances are that if they inspire you to move about in your car, these songs will inspire you to workout.

Sign a Commitment in Front of Friends

Sign a commitment in front of friends that you will workout at home on a regular basis. You can even agree to pay a fine every time you fail to workout at a given time. If it is going to cost you $10 to skip a workout, you probably won’t.

Post It

Post the days and times when you will be doing home workouts on social media for everybody to see. This way, you spread the word about your goals and might think others will see you as a failure if you do not follow through.

Give Yourself a Reward

Sure, the reward of having a great looking body and being healthy should be reward enough to motivate you to workout, but what you really want is a smoothie. If that is what will motivate you to workout at home, then have a smoothie when you get done with your routine.

Put on Your Workout Clothes

When you get home from work, ditch the suit and tie and put your workout clothes on. Since you have them on already, it will be one less step in getting your workout accomplished. You don’t want to waste the fact you have your workout clothes on.


Come to the realization that when you skip a workout at home, you are left with feelings of shame and regret. But when you do workout, you feel good about yourself, proud and accomplished. Now, wouldn’t you like to feel good about yourself rather than shame?

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